Principles Matter More Than Party

To everyone who supported the campaign, or voted for me, or talked to your neighbors about my campaign – thank you.

This election was a tough fight, in a tough district, and we lost. Thankfully, the Democratic Party overall did well.

I ran as a centrist – and got plenty of criticism from Democrats for being too conservative and from Republicans from being too progressive. Being called a “baby-killer” by both Democrats (for my stance on gun rights) and Republicans (for my stance of reproductive privacy rights) was a depressing sign of how polarized our politics have become. Moreover, being told that I “hate America” by Republicans who never served in the military just because I am a Democrat exemplifies the fragile, fake, and ostentatious patriotism infecting much of the modern Right.

I will not be running again and I wish the best of luck to whoever steps up in 2024 for CA-1. I still believe that the North State deserves a stronger representative than Doug LaMalfa and our nation deserves more Congressmen that respect election results.